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April 15, 14 at 11:59pm Everyone Feb 3 at 12am


Please answer the following questions about the video. Your responses do not need to be lengthy but do need to be thorough. Full credit will be given for demonstrated analytical effort. Recall  that you will not be able to receive credit for this assignment if you were not present to watch the video. Please DO NOT USE ATTACHMENTS.

  • According to the video, what kinds of conflicts existed between Americans and Native Americans in the early 19th century ? What were some ways Native Americans responded to these pressures? Why were these responses unsuccessful?
  • Comment on how the video depicted each of the three Native options discussed in class (resist – assimilate – move) and give specific examples of how these options were experienced by Native Americans.
  • Why did Americans believe they could remove Indians from their lands? What was the legal justification?
  • The video noted that the Supreme Court supported the Cherokee’s resistance to the Indian Removal Act but were removed anyway. Why? What does this tell us about Andrew Jackson?