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Feb 19 at 11:59pm Everyone


Please answer the questions in the submission box below. Please DO NOT USE ATTACHMENTS. Your responses do not need to be lengthy but need to be thorough. Full credit will be given for demonstrated analytical effort. Please recall that if you were not in class to watch the video you cannot get credit for this assignment.

  1. What were the conflicts between the English settlers and the Native Americans that led to the outbreak of hostilities?
  2. Why did the different native tribes not unite against the English? What does this tell us about the origins of the concept of race?
  3. How does our own ontological outlook affect our knowledge of and perceptions about King Philip’s War?
  4. What is the difference between Historicity 1 and Historicity 2? As historians how can we determine what actually happened in this incident?
  5. Your comments about the video. What did you like? What did you not like? Why? What did you learn?

There is a document set for this assignment here (Links to an external site.). You are not required to read the documents; they are for your information.