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March 9,5 11:59pm Everyone Feb 3 at 12am


Please answer the questions in the submission box below. Please DO NOT USE ATTACHMENTS. Your responses do not need to be lengthy but need to be thorough. Full credit will be given for demonstrated analytical effort. Please recall that if you were not in class to watch the video you cannot get credit for this assignment.

1. How did the information contained in the video compare with what you already knew about slavery? Was there anything about the video that broadened your perspective of slavery in a world context?

2. What is the “One Drop Rule?” Who used the “One Drop Rule” and why? What is wrong with the “One Drop Rule?” (I mean, aside from the fact that it is immoral.)

3. Explain how slavery and racism were experienced differently in British North America and the rest of the Americas. How do you account for this difference? HINT: This will have to do with the “One Drop Rule.”

4. Explain the relationship of abolitionism and racism.

5. Your comments about the video. What did you like? What did you not like? Why? What did you learn?