The politics of fear can’t solve the challenges of our time.

“Most of all, Eisenhower emphasized the country’s “spiritual strength,” the importance of which he said was at that moment “just as great in its requirements as it has ever been in our whole history.” This meant steadfast commitment to the values reflected in the Bill of Rights. It meant a clear-eyed recognition that none of Americans’ concerns “has an easy answer, and many … have no answers at all.” But this wasn’t cataclysmic, because Americans could tackle these challenges by making a sensible, pragmatic plan in the same way American families did to handle their problems.”


Perspective | Why Democrats shouldn’t try to beat Trump at his own game

U.S. politics seems to be consumed by fear, from terrorists and rising superpowers abroad to immigration worries and rapacious corporations at home. These are serious problems, and Americans should expect their leaders to work to calm the public and offer solutions.


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